Food Sensitivity

Stop Food Sensitivities From Taking Control

At Home To Lab, we categorise intolerance as ‘food sensitivities’ which are common food and non-food items that you may not be aware that you are living with. Although you might not know, they could be causing you painful symptoms that you have learnt to live with. On this page, we will break down some of the most obvious symptoms including headache, weight gain and bloating.

Food sensitivities can affect you every day, and unlike food allergies can be something you learn to live with, however internally they may be causing larger issues if you do not remove these items and consume them regularly.

How To Identify Food Sensitivities

Tracking food and non-food intolerances can be difficult as symptoms can be delayed by several hours, meaning we can misdiagnose something. For example, ‘gluten sensitivity’ is often named as the main cause of bloating following eating a sandwich, however, it can be related to ingredients in the bread, the sandwich filling or even the spread!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to track food sensitivities as in a couple, what causes a headache in one person, may cause excess gas in another. This means it can be harder to catch, particularly when a family is eating the same meals, or living in the same space, and there is a range of symptoms presenting.

Common Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Food sensitives are notoriously difficult to track; however, these symptoms are commonplace when the causes are not eliminated from the foods below.




Fermented foods (wine, aged cheese, cured meats)



Dairy, soy, corn, gluten



Processed foods, cured meats


Joint Pain and Muscle Aches

Gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, yeast, sugar, peanuts


Mood Swings

Dairy, fruit, wheat


Weight Gain

Added sugars, Refined carbs, highly processed meats

Take Back Control

Once you have chosen the Home To Lab bioresonance sensitivity testing kit for you, submitted your hair sample with the easy to download digital testing form, and received your results via email in 5-7 working days, you will have a list of items that you can start to eliminate, however, this can be very daunting when you initially read through your results.

Usually, people can actually ingest and be near items that you have shown a sensitivity to, however, when there is regular long-term consumption, or when you are in constant close proximity, your symptoms can become more severe. In these common cases, food sensitives can then cause larger, more prominent illnesses to become apparent. For example, if you are someone who suffers migraines, consuming foods that give you milder food sensitivity symptoms may eventually lead to more painful migraines. A Home To Lab Test could help stop that link.

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Taking The Next Step With Home To Lab

Once you have identified what you need to avoid with the easy to understand, bioresonance comprehensive results, it’s time to take part in an elimination diet. The diets can range anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks, however, we usually recommend 21 days to avoid the items. This may be daunting with the guidance Home To Lab give you, it is easy to implement and once you start to introduce the items back into your diet slowly, you will find out which items are causing bigger reactions.

For example, if cow’s milk and nuts show on your list, you may choose to avoid these items for 4 weeks (21 days) and afterwards have a cheese sandwich which only causes mild symptoms, however a few days later when you eat some nuts you get a big headache, you have the tools to change your diet for the better.

If you believe you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then we would recommend checking out the Home To Lab range of tests which caters for all households and all come with 24/7 LiveChat with trained professionals should you have any further questions.